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Weather forecasts Salaspils municipality

14 Days Weather Forecast - temperature, clouds, pressure, rain, relative humidity, wind.

TemperatureFeels likeDewpointCloud coverChance of rainHumidityPressureWind
00:00ClearClear12 °C12 °C6 °C0%0% (0 mm)68%764 mmHgSW SW(233°) 3 m/s
01:00ClearClear11 °C11 °C7 °C0%0% (0 mm)76%763 mmHgSW SW(232°) 3 m/s
02:00ClearClear10 °C9 °C7 °C0%0% (0 mm)81%763 mmHgSW SW(227°) 3 m/s
03:00ClearClear9 °C8 °C6 °C1%0% (0 mm)84%763 mmHgSW SW(220°) 2 m/s
04:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny9 °C7 °C6 °C18%0% (0 mm)87%764 mmHgSW SW(217°) 2 m/s
05:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy8 °C7 °C6 °C74%0% (0 mm)88%763 mmHgSSW SSW(211°) 2 m/s
06:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy9 °C8 °C6 °C83%0% (0 mm)83%764 mmHgSSW SSW(203°) 2 m/s
07:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy10 °C10 °C7 °C65%0% (0 mm)79%764 mmHgSSW SSW(200°) 2 m/s
08:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy12 °C12 °C8 °C53%0% (0 mm)75%764 mmHgSSW SSW(207°) 2 m/s
09:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy13 °C13 °C8 °C59%0% (0 mm)71%764 mmHgSSW SSW(209°) 2 m/s
10:00CloudyCloudy14 °C15 °C9 °C100%0% (0 mm)69%764 mmHgSW SW(219°) 2 m/s
11:00CloudyCloudy15 °C16 °C10 °C98%0% (0 mm)66%764 mmHgWSW WSW(242°) 2 m/s
12:00CloudyCloudy16 °C17 °C10 °C100%0% (0 mm)61%764 mmHgWSW WSW(256°) 3 m/s
13:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy17 °C18 °C8 °C92%0% (0 mm)52%764 mmHgW W(279°) 2 m/s
14:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny18 °C19 °C5 °C9%0% (0 mm)40%764 mmHgWNW WNW(296°) 3 m/s
15:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy19 °C19 °C5 °C62%0% (0 mm)41%764 mmHgNW NW(313°) 3 m/s
16:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy19 °C18 °C6 °C57%0% (0 mm)44%764 mmHgNW NW(321°) 3 m/s
17:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy18 °C18 °C7 °C45%0% (0 mm)50%764 mmHgNW NW(326°) 3 m/s
18:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy17 °C16 °C8 °C36%0% (0 mm)58%764 mmHgNNW NNW(333°) 3 m/s
19:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy16 °C15 °C4 °C39%0% (0 mm)47%764 mmHgNNW NNW(342°) 4 m/s
20:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy15 °C14 °C3 °C69%0% (0 mm)46%764 mmHgNNW NNW(348°) 4 m/s
21:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy14 °C13 °C4 °C60%0% (0 mm)53%764 mmHgNNW NNW(346°) 3 m/s
22:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy12 °C12 °C5 °C87%0% (0 mm)61%764 mmHgN N(354°) 3 m/s
23:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy11 °C11 °C6 °C68%0% (0 mm)68%765 mmHgN N(2°) 3 m/s
TemperatureFeels likeDewpointCloud coverChance of rainHumidityPressureWind
00:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy11 °C10 °C6 °C59%0% (0 mm)74%765 mmHgN N(5°) 3 m/s
01:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy11 °C8 °C6 °C42%0% (0 mm)79%765 mmHgNNE NNE(13°) 3 m/s
02:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny10 °C7 °C5 °C22%0% (0 mm)83%765 mmHgNNE NNE(19°) 2 m/s
03:00ClearClear9 °C6 °C5 °C1%0% (0 mm)84%765 mmHgNNE NNE(20°) 2 m/s
04:00ClearClear8 °C5 °C4 °C1%0% (0 mm)85%765 mmHgNNE NNE(24°) 2 m/s
05:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy7 °C5 °C3 °C34%0% (0 mm)83%766 mmHgNNE NNE(32°) 2 m/s
06:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy8 °C5 °C3 °C42%0% (0 mm)78%766 mmHgNNE NNE(14°) 2 m/s
07:00ClearClear9 °C7 °C3 °C0%0% (0 mm)71%766 mmHgNNE NNE(12°) 2 m/s
08:00ClearClear11 °C10 °C4 °C0%0% (0 mm)65%766 mmHgN N(11°) 2 m/s
09:00ClearClear13 °C12 °C5 °C2%0% (0 mm)61%767 mmHgN N(7°) 2 m/s
10:00ClearClear15 °C14 °C3 °C0%0% (0 mm)48%767 mmHgN N(351°) 3 m/s
11:00ClearClear16 °C15 °C2 °C2%0% (0 mm)42%767 mmHgNNW NNW(338°) 3 m/s
12:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny17 °C16 °C1 °C23%0% (0 mm)37%767 mmHgNNW NNW(329°) 4 m/s
13:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny17 °C17 °C1 °C12%0% (0 mm)33%767 mmHgNW NW(324°) 5 m/s
14:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny17 °C17 °C2 °C17%0% (0 mm)35%767 mmHgNW NW(325°) 5 m/s
15:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy18 °C18 °C3 °C69%0% (0 mm)36%766 mmHgNNW NNW(332°) 6 m/s
16:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy17 °C17 °C3 °C57%0% (0 mm)38%766 mmHgNNW NNW(335°) 5 m/s
17:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny17 °C17 °C4 °C25%0% (0 mm)44%767 mmHgNNW NNW(335°) 5 m/s
18:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny15 °C16 °C6 °C27%0% (0 mm)52%767 mmHgNNW NNW(334°) 6 m/s
19:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny14 °C15 °C5 °C14%0% (0 mm)52%767 mmHgNNW NNW(336°) 5 m/s
20:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny13 °C14 °C5 °C29%0% (0 mm)58%767 mmHgNNW NNW(337°) 4 m/s
21:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny12 °C12 °C5 °C19%0% (0 mm)58%767 mmHgNNW NNW(336°) 4 m/s
22:00ClearClear11 °C11 °C4 °C0%0% (0 mm)62%767 mmHgNNW NNW(332°) 4 m/s
23:00ClearClear10 °C8 °C4 °C0%0% (0 mm)69%768 mmHgNW NW(326°) 3 m/s
TemperatureFeels likeDewpointCloud coverChance of rainHumidityPressureWind
00:00ClearClear9 °C7 °C4 °C0%0% (0 mm)72%768 mmHgNW NW(323°) 3 m/s
01:00ClearClear9 °C7 °C4 °C0%0% (0 mm)76%768 mmHgNW NW(320°) 3 m/s
02:00ClearClear8 °C6 °C5 °C0%0% (0 mm)81%768 mmHgNW NW(319°) 2 m/s
03:00ClearClear8 °C6 °C5 °C3%0% (0 mm)85%768 mmHgNW NW(317°) 2 m/s
04:00ClearClear7 °C5 °C4 °C6%0% (0 mm)86%768 mmHgWNW WNW(302°) 2 m/s
05:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny7 °C4 °C4 °C10%0% (0 mm)90%768 mmHgWNW WNW(282°) 2 m/s
06:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy7 °C5 °C5 °C34%0% (0 mm)94%768 mmHgW W(266°) 2 m/s
07:00ClearClear8 °C7 °C6 °C2%0% (0 mm)86%768 mmHgW W(268°) 3 m/s
08:00ClearClear10 °C11 °C6 °C2%0% (0 mm)71%768 mmHgW W(263°) 2 m/s
09:00ClearClear12 °C12 °C5 °C3%0% (0 mm)59%768 mmHgWSW WSW(257°) 2 m/s
10:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny14 °C14 °C4 °C18%0% (0 mm)49%768 mmHgWSW WSW(252°) 3 m/s
11:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny16 °C16 °C4 °C13%0% (0 mm)46%767 mmHgWSW WSW(246°) 3 m/s
12:00ClearClear18 °C18 °C5 °C6%0% (0 mm)43%767 mmHgWSW WSW(244°) 4 m/s
13:00ClearClear20 °C19 °C5 °C6%0% (0 mm)40%767 mmHgWSW WSW(250°) 4 m/s
14:00ClearClear21 °C21 °C6 °C5%0% (0 mm)39%766 mmHgWSW WSW(255°) 5 m/s
15:00ClearClear22 °C22 °C6 °C3%0% (0 mm)36%765 mmHgW W(260°) 5 m/s
16:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny22 °C22 °C6 °C13%0% (0 mm)35%764 mmHgW W(269°) 5 m/s
17:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny22 °C22 °C5 °C24%0% (0 mm)35%764 mmHgW W(277°) 5 m/s
18:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy21 °C22 °C5 °C34%0% (0 mm)35%764 mmHgWNW WNW(287°) 5 m/s
19:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy20 °C20 °C6 °C42%0% (0 mm)40%764 mmHgWNW WNW(292°) 3 m/s
20:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy18 °C19 °C7 °C50%0% (0 mm)47%764 mmHgWNW WNW(292°) 3 m/s
21:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy15 °C17 °C8 °C57%0% (0 mm)54%764 mmHgWNW WNW(290°) 2 m/s
22:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy14 °C16 °C9 °C63%0% (0 mm)63%764 mmHgWNW WNW(288°) 1 m/s
23:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy13 °C14 °C9 °C68%0% (0 mm)73%764 mmHgW W(278°) 1 m/s
TemperatureFeels likeDewpointCloud coverChance of rainHumidityPressureWind
00:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy12 °C12 °C10 °C72%0% (0 mm)85%764 mmHgW W(271°) 2 m/s
01:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy11 °C12 °C10 °C48%0% (0 mm)88%764 mmHgW W(259°) 2 m/s
02:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny10 °C11 °C10 °C24%0% (0 mm)91%764 mmHgWSW WSW(244°) 2 m/s
03:00ClearClear10 °C10 °C9 °C0%0% (0 mm)94%764 mmHgWSW WSW(248°) 2 m/s
04:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny10 °C10 °C9 °C22%0% (0 mm)96%764 mmHgWSW WSW(241°) 2 m/s
05:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy10 °C9 °C9 °C45%0% (0 mm)98%764 mmHgSW SW(234°) 2 m/s
06:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy10 °C9 °C9 °C67%0% (0 mm)100%764 mmHgSW SW(228°) 1 m/s
07:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy11 °C11 °C10 °C56%0% (0 mm)89%764 mmHgSW SW(225°) 1 m/s
08:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy13 °C13 °C10 °C47%0% (0 mm)79%764 mmHgSSW SSW(202°) 1 m/s
09:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy15 °C15 °C10 °C36%0% (0 mm)70%763 mmHgS S(187°) 1 m/s
10:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy16 °C17 °C10 °C47%0% (0 mm)65%763 mmHgSSW SSW(197°) 1 m/s
11:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy17 °C18 °C10 °C59%0% (0 mm)59%762 mmHgSSW SSW(200°) 1 m/s
12:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy18 °C20 °C10 °C70%0% (0 mm)55%762 mmHgSSW SSW(213°) 1 m/s
13:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy19 °C21 °C10 °C73%0% (0 mm)49%761 mmHgWSW WSW(245°) 1 m/s
14:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy19 °C21 °C9 °C77%0% (0 mm)44%761 mmHgW W(260°) 2 m/s
15:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy20 °C22 °C8 °C80%0% (0 mm)40%761 mmHgWNW WNW(289°) 2 m/s
16:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy18 °C22 °C8 °C87%0% (0 mm)40%760 mmHgNW NW(321°) 3 m/s
17:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy17 °C22 °C8 °C93%0% (0 mm)41%759 mmHgNNW NNW(335°) 3 m/s
18:00CloudyCloudy15 °C22 °C8 °C100%0% (0 mm)42%758 mmHgNNW NNW(344°) 4 m/s
19:00CloudyCloudy14 °C21 °C9 °C95%0% (0 mm)48%758 mmHgNNW NNW(345°) 4 m/s
20:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy12 °C20 °C10 °C90%0% (0 mm)53%758 mmHgN N(359°) 5 m/s
21:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy11 °C19 °C11 °C84%0% (0 mm)60%757 mmHgN N(0°) 5 m/s
22:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy11 °C17 °C11 °C76%0% (0 mm)68%757 mmHgN N(2°) 5 m/s
23:00Partly cloudy, chance of rain Partly cloudy, chance of rain 10 °C16 °C12 °C69%17% (0 mm)76%757 mmHgN N(1°) 4 m/s
TemperatureFeels likeDewpointCloud coverChance of rainHumidityPressureWind
00:00Partly cloudy, light rain showers Partly cloudy, light rain showers 10 °C14 °C12 °C61%17% (0 mm)86%756 mmHgN N(356°) 4 m/s
01:00Mostly cloudy, light rain showers Mostly cloudy, light rain showers 9 °C13 °C11 °C70%17% (0 mm)86%757 mmHgN N(360°) 3 m/s
02:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy9 °C12 °C10 °C79%0% (0 mm)86%757 mmHgN N(352°) 3 m/s
03:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy8 °C11 °C9 °C89%0% (0 mm)86%757 mmHgN N(352°) 3 m/s
04:00Mostly cloudy, light rain showers Mostly cloudy, light rain showers 8 °C10 °C8 °C92%17% (0.2 mm)87%757 mmHgN N(357°) 3 m/s
05:00Cloudy, isolated light rain showers Cloudy, isolated light rain showers 8 °C9 °C8 °C96%17% (0.4 mm)89%758 mmHgN N(358°) 3 m/s
06:00Cloudy, isolated light rain showers Cloudy, isolated light rain showers 9 °C8 °C8 °C100%17% (0.5 mm)90%758 mmHgN N(360°) 3 m/s
07:00Cloudy, isolated light rain showers Cloudy, isolated light rain showers 10 °C8 °C7 °C98%17% (0.5 mm)87%758 mmHgN N(356°) 3 m/s
08:00Cloudy, isolated light rain showers Cloudy, isolated light rain showers 11 °C8 °C7 °C96%17% (0.5 mm)83%758 mmHgN N(351°) 4 m/s
09:00Mostly cloudy, isolated light rain showers Mostly cloudy, isolated light rain showers 12 °C10 °C7 °C94%17% (0.5 mm)80%758 mmHgNNW NNW(347°) 5 m/s
10:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy12 °C11 °C5 °C64%0% (0 mm)67%760 mmHgNNW NNW(343°) 6 m/s
11:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy12 °C12 °C2 °C35%0% (0 mm)54%761 mmHgNNW NNW(339°) 6 m/s
12:00ClearClear12 °C13 °C0 °C5%0% (0 mm)41%763 mmHgNNW NNW(335°) 6 m/s
13:00ClearClear12 °C13 °C0 °C5%0% (0 mm)40%763 mmHgNNW NNW(334°) 6 m/s
14:00ClearClear12 °C13 °C0 °C5%0% (0 mm)40%763 mmHgNNW NNW(333°) 6 m/s
15:00ClearClear12 °C13 °C0 °C5%0% (0 mm)39%763 mmHgNNW NNW(332°) 6 m/s
16:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny13 °C13 °C0 °C16%0% (0 mm)42%763 mmHgNNW NNW(333°) 6 m/s
17:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny12 °C12 °C0 °C27%0% (0 mm)45%763 mmHgNNW NNW(334°) 6 m/s
18:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy11 °C11 °C1 °C38%0% (0 mm)47%763 mmHgNNW NNW(335°) 6 m/s
19:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy11 °C11 °C1 °C42%0% (0 mm)49%764 mmHgNNW NNW(333°) 5 m/s
20:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy11 °C11 °C1 °C47%0% (0 mm)51%764 mmHgNNW NNW(331°) 5 m/s
21:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy11 °C11 °C1 °C51%0% (0 mm)53%764 mmHgNNW NNW(328°) 4 m/s
22:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy9 °C8 °C1 °C43%0% (0 mm)58%764 mmHgNW NW(323°) 4 m/s
23:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy8 °C6 °C1 °C35%0% (0 mm)63%764 mmHgNW NW(315°) 3 m/s
TemperatureFeels likeDewpointCloud coverChance of rainHumidityPressureWind
00:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny6 °C4 °C0 °C26%0% (0 mm)67%764 mmHgNW NW(306°) 3 m/s
01:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny5 °C3 °C1 °C21%0% (0 mm)74%764 mmHgWNW WNW(300°) 3 m/s
02:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny5 °C2 °C1 °C16%0% (0 mm)81%764 mmHgWNW WNW(294°) 3 m/s
03:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny4 °C1 °C2 °C10%0% (0 mm)87%764 mmHgWNW WNW(288°) 3 m/s
04:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny5 °C3 °C2 °C9%0% (0 mm)79%764 mmHgW W(281°) 3 m/s
05:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny6 °C4 °C1 °C8%0% (0 mm)72%764 mmHgW W(272°) 3 m/s
06:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny7 °C6 °C1 °C7%0% (0 mm)64%764 mmHgW W(262°) 2 m/s
07:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny8 °C7 °C0 °C14%0% (0 mm)57%764 mmHgWSW WSW(249°) 3 m/s
08:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny9 °C9 °C-1 °C20%0% (0 mm)50%764 mmHgWSW WSW(240°) 3 m/s
09:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny10 °C10 °C-1 °C27%0% (0 mm)43%764 mmHgSW SW(233°) 4 m/s
10:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy11 °C11 °C0 °C46%0% (0 mm)45%763 mmHgWSW WSW(250°) 4 m/s
11:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy12 °C12 °C1 °C66%0% (0 mm)46%763 mmHgW W(264°) 4 m/s
12:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy13 °C13 °C2 °C85%0% (0 mm)48%763 mmHgW W(275°) 5 m/s
13:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy14 °C14 °C1 °C86%0% (0 mm)44%763 mmHgWNW WNW(288°) 5 m/s
14:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy14 °C14 °C1 °C86%0% (0 mm)40%763 mmHgNW NW(304°) 4 m/s
15:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy15 °C15 °C0 °C87%0% (0 mm)36%763 mmHgNW NW(318°) 5 m/s
16:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy15 °C15 °C1 °C89%0% (0 mm)39%763 mmHgNW NW(317°) 4 m/s
17:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy15 °C15 °C2 °C92%0% (0 mm)42%763 mmHgNW NW(316°) 4 m/s
18:00CloudyCloudy15 °C15 °C3 °C95%0% (0 mm)44%763 mmHgNW NW(315°) 3 m/s
19:00CloudyCloudy14 °C14 °C3 °C96%0% (0 mm)46%764 mmHgNW NW(322°) 3 m/s
20:00CloudyCloudy14 °C14 °C3 °C97%0% (0 mm)48%764 mmHgNNW NNW(334°) 2 m/s
21:00CloudyCloudy14 °C14 °C4 °C98%0% (0 mm)50%764 mmHgN N(353°) 2 m/s
22:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy13 °C13 °C4 °C68%0% (0 mm)55%764 mmHgNNW NNW(337°) 1 m/s
23:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy11 °C11 °C3 °C38%0% (0 mm)60%764 mmHgNW NW(306°) 1 m/s
TemperatureFeels likeDewpointCloud coverChance of rainHumidityPressureWind
00:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny10 °C10 °C3 °C8%0% (0 mm)65%764 mmHgW W(271°) 1 m/s
01:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny8 °C8 °C3 °C31%0% (0 mm)73%764 mmHgWSW WSW(252°) 1 m/s
02:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy7 °C7 °C4 °C54%0% (0 mm)81%764 mmHgSW SW(222°) 1 m/s
03:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy5 °C5 °C4 °C77%0% (0 mm)90%764 mmHgS S(191°) 1 m/s
04:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy6 °C6 °C4 °C83%0% (0 mm)87%764 mmHgS S(182°) 1 m/s
05:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy7 °C6 °C4 °C89%0% (0 mm)84%764 mmHgS S(177°) 1 m/s
06:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy7 °C7 °C4 °C94%0% (0 mm)80%764 mmHgS S(173°) 2 m/s
07:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy8 °C7 °C4 °C94%0% (0 mm)77%764 mmHgS S(183°) 2 m/s
08:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy9 °C8 °C5 °C93%0% (0 mm)74%764 mmHgSSW SSW(193°) 2 m/s
09:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy10 °C9 °C5 °C92%0% (0 mm)70%764 mmHgSSW SSW(201°) 2 m/s
10:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy11 °C10 °C4 °C93%0% (0 mm)65%764 mmHgSW SW(218°) 2 m/s
11:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy12 °C11 °C4 °C93%0% (0 mm)59%764 mmHgSW SW(232°) 2 m/s
12:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy13 °C13 °C4 °C93%0% (0 mm)54%764 mmHgWSW WSW(242°) 3 m/s
13:00Cloudy, isolated light rain showers Cloudy, isolated light rain showers 14 °C14 °C5 °C96%17% (0.3 mm)54%764 mmHgW W(264°) 3 m/s
14:00Cloudy, isolated light rain showers Cloudy, isolated light rain showers 15 °C15 °C5 °C98%17% (0.3 mm)54%764 mmHgW W(280°) 4 m/s
15:00Cloudy, isolated light rain showers Cloudy, isolated light rain showers 15 °C15 °C6 °C100%17% (0.3 mm)54%764 mmHgWNW WNW(292°) 4 m/s
16:00Cloudy, isolated light rain showers Cloudy, isolated light rain showers 15 °C15 °C8 °C100%17% (0.4 mm)62%764 mmHgWNW WNW(292°) 3 m/s
17:00Cloudy, isolated light rain showers Cloudy, isolated light rain showers 15 °C15 °C9 °C100%17% (0.4 mm)70%764 mmHgWNW WNW(291°) 2 m/s
18:00Cloudy, isolated light rain showers Cloudy, isolated light rain showers 14 °C14 °C10 °C100%17% (0.4 mm)78%765 mmHgWNW WNW(287°) 0 m/s
19:00Cloudy, light rain showers Cloudy, light rain showers 14 °C14 °C10 °C98%17% (0.1 mm)79%765 mmHgENE ENE(64°) 0 m/s
20:00Cloudy, light rain showers Cloudy, light rain showers 13 °C13 °C10 °C95%17% (0.1 mm)81%765 mmHgE E(81°) 1 m/s
21:00Mostly cloudy, light rain showers Mostly cloudy, light rain showers 13 °C13 °C10 °C93%17% (0.1 mm)82%765 mmHgE E(84°) 1 m/s
22:00Mostly cloudy, light rain showers Mostly cloudy, light rain showers 12 °C11 °C10 °C91%17% (0 mm)88%765 mmHgNE NE(45°) 1 m/s
23:00Mostly cloudy, light rain showers Mostly cloudy, light rain showers 10 °C10 °C9 °C89%17% (0 mm)94%765 mmHgN N(7°) 1 m/s
TemperatureFeels likeDewpointCloud coverChance of rainHumidityPressureWind
00:00Mostly cloudy, light rain showers Mostly cloudy, light rain showers 9 °C8 °C9 °C87%17% (0 mm)100%766 mmHgNNW NNW(347°) 2 m/s
01:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy8 °C7 °C8 °C72%0% (0 mm)100%766 mmHgNNW NNW(346°) 2 m/s
02:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy6 °C5 °C6 °C56%0% (0 mm)100%766 mmHgNNW NNW(344°) 1 m/s
03:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy5 °C4 °C5 °C41%0% (0 mm)100%766 mmHgNNW NNW(342°) 1 m/s
04:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny6 °C5 °C5 °C27%0% (0 mm)94%766 mmHgN N(350°) 2 m/s
05:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny7 °C6 °C5 °C14%0% (0 mm)89%767 mmHgN N(358°) 2 m/s
06:00ClearClear8 °C7 °C6 °C0%0% (0 mm)83%767 mmHgN N(3°) 2 m/s
07:00ClearClear9 °C9 °C5 °C0%0% (0 mm)75%767 mmHgN N(2°) 2 m/s
08:00ClearClear10 °C10 °C5 °C0%0% (0 mm)68%767 mmHgN N(1°) 3 m/s
09:00ClearClear12 °C12 °C4 °C0%0% (0 mm)61%767 mmHgN N(360°) 3 m/s
10:00ClearClear12 °C12 °C3 °C1%0% (0 mm)54%767 mmHgN N(354°) 3 m/s
11:00ClearClear13 °C13 °C2 °C3%0% (0 mm)47%767 mmHgN N(349°) 4 m/s
12:00ClearClear14 °C14 °C1 °C4%0% (0 mm)40%767 mmHgNNW NNW(345°) 4 m/s
13:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny15 °C15 °C1 °C12%0% (0 mm)39%767 mmHgNNW NNW(343°) 4 m/s
14:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny16 °C16 °C2 °C19%0% (0 mm)39%767 mmHgNNW NNW(341°) 4 m/s
15:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny16 °C16 °C2 °C27%0% (0 mm)38%767 mmHgNNW NNW(340°) 5 m/s
16:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny16 °C16 °C2 °C20%0% (0 mm)39%767 mmHgNNW NNW(338°) 5 m/s
17:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny16 °C16 °C2 °C13%0% (0 mm)40%767 mmHgNNW NNW(336°) 5 m/s
18:00ClearClear15 °C15 °C2 °C6%0% (0 mm)41%767 mmHgNNW NNW(334°) 4 m/s
19:00ClearClear15 °C15 °C3 °C6%0% (0 mm)45%767 mmHgNNW NNW(336°) 4 m/s
20:00ClearClear15 °C15 °C4 °C6%0% (0 mm)48%767 mmHgNNW NNW(339°) 4 m/s
21:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny15 °C15 °C5 °C7%0% (0 mm)51%767 mmHgNNW NNW(343°) 4 m/s
22:00ClearClear13 °C12 °C5 °C5%0% (0 mm)58%768 mmHgNNW NNW(348°) 3 m/s
23:00ClearClear11 °C10 °C4 °C4%0% (0 mm)64%768 mmHgN N(355°) 3 m/s
TemperatureFeels likeDewpointCloud coverChance of rainHumidityPressureWind
00:00ClearClear9 °C8 °C4 °C2%0% (0 mm)70%768 mmHgN N(4°) 2 m/s
01:00ClearClear8 °C7 °C4 °C2%0% (0 mm)78%768 mmHgN N(11°) 2 m/s
02:00ClearClear6 °C6 °C3 °C2%0% (0 mm)85%768 mmHgNNE NNE(23°) 1 m/s
03:00ClearClear4 °C4 °C3 °C2%0% (0 mm)93%769 mmHgNE NE(52°) 1 m/s
04:00ClearClear6 °C6 °C3 °C3%0% (0 mm)84%769 mmHgENE ENE(65°) 1 m/s
05:00ClearClear7 °C7 °C3 °C4%0% (0 mm)76%769 mmHgE E(87°) 1 m/s
06:00ClearClear9 °C9 °C3 °C5%0% (0 mm)67%769 mmHgESE ESE(119°) 1 m/s
07:00ClearClear11 °C11 °C4 °C5%0% (0 mm)62%769 mmHgESE ESE(103°) 0 m/s
08:00ClearClear12 °C12 °C4 °C6%0% (0 mm)57%769 mmHgNW NW(312°) 0 m/s
09:00ClearClear14 °C14 °C4 °C6%0% (0 mm)52%769 mmHgNW NW(307°) 1 m/s
10:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy15 °C15 °C4 °C33%0% (0 mm)48%769 mmHgNNW NNW(327°) 1 m/s
11:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy16 °C16 °C4 °C60%0% (0 mm)44%769 mmHgNNW NNW(340°) 1 m/s
12:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy17 °C17 °C3 °C86%0% (0 mm)40%769 mmHgNNW NNW(347°) 1 m/s
13:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy18 °C18 °C3 °C59%0% (0 mm)37%768 mmHgNNW NNW(339°) 2 m/s
14:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy20 °C20 °C3 °C32%0% (0 mm)35%768 mmHgNNW NNW(334°) 2 m/s
15:00ClearClear21 °C21 °C3 °C5%0% (0 mm)32%768 mmHgNNW NNW(331°) 3 m/s
16:00ClearClear20 °C20 °C4 °C6%0% (0 mm)34%768 mmHgNNW NNW(334°) 3 m/s
17:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny19 °C19 °C4 °C7%0% (0 mm)37%767 mmHgNNW NNW(336°) 3 m/s
18:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny18 °C18 °C4 °C8%0% (0 mm)39%767 mmHgNNW NNW(338°) 4 m/s
19:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny17 °C17 °C5 °C7%0% (0 mm)44%767 mmHgNNW NNW(341°) 3 m/s
20:00ClearClear16 °C16 °C5 °C6%0% (0 mm)49%767 mmHgNNW NNW(346°) 3 m/s
21:00ClearClear16 °C16 °C6 °C5%0% (0 mm)53%767 mmHgN N(353°) 2 m/s
22:00ClearClear14 °C14 °C6 °C5%0% (0 mm)56%767 mmHgN N(0°) 2 m/s
23:00ClearClear13 °C13 °C5 °C5%0% (0 mm)59%767 mmHgNNE NNE(13°) 1 m/s
TemperatureFeels likeDewpointCloud coverChance of rainHumidityPressureWind
00:00ClearClear11 °C11 °C4 °C5%0% (0 mm)61%767 mmHgNNE NNE(33°) 1 m/s
01:00ClearClear10 °C10 °C4 °C5%0% (0 mm)69%767 mmHgNE NE(40°) 1 m/s
02:00ClearClear9 °C9 °C5 °C5%0% (0 mm)76%767 mmHgNE NE(47°) 1 m/s
03:00ClearClear7 °C7 °C5 °C5%0% (0 mm)84%767 mmHgNE NE(52°) 1 m/s
04:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny8 °C8 °C5 °C21%0% (0 mm)81%767 mmHgENE ENE(64°) 1 m/s
05:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy9 °C9 °C5 °C38%0% (0 mm)78%767 mmHgE E(79°) 1 m/s
06:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy10 °C10 °C6 °C54%0% (0 mm)75%767 mmHgE E(95°) 1 m/s
07:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy12 °C12 °C6 °C37%0% (0 mm)67%767 mmHgE E(90°) 1 m/s
08:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny15 °C15 °C6 °C20%0% (0 mm)58%767 mmHgNNE NNE(25°) 0 m/s
09:00ClearClear17 °C17 °C7 °C4%0% (0 mm)50%767 mmHgWNW WNW(293°) 1 m/s
10:00ClearClear19 °C19 °C6 °C3%0% (0 mm)45%767 mmHgNW NW(312°) 1 m/s
11:00ClearClear20 °C20 °C6 °C2%0% (0 mm)40%767 mmHgNW NW(320°) 1 m/s
12:00ClearClear22 °C22 °C5 °C1%0% (0 mm)34%767 mmHgNW NW(324°) 2 m/s
13:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny22 °C22 °C5 °C7%0% (0 mm)33%766 mmHgNW NW(318°) 2 m/s
14:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny23 °C23 °C5 °C13%0% (0 mm)32%766 mmHgNW NW(314°) 2 m/s
15:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny23 °C23 °C5 °C19%0% (0 mm)30%765 mmHgNW NW(311°) 3 m/s
16:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny23 °C23 °C5 °C26%0% (0 mm)32%765 mmHgNW NW(316°) 2 m/s
17:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy22 °C22 °C5 °C34%0% (0 mm)33%765 mmHgNW NW(322°) 2 m/s
18:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy22 °C22 °C6 °C42%0% (0 mm)34%764 mmHgNNW NNW(329°) 2 m/s
19:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy18 °C18 °C10 °C79%0% (0 mm)59%758 mmHgS S(191°) 4 m/s
20:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy17 °C17 °C10 °C80%0% (0 mm)62%758 mmHgS S(191°) 4 m/s
21:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy17 °C17 °C10 °C80%0% (0 mm)65%758 mmHgSSE SSE(166°) 4 m/s
22:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy16 °C16 °C10 °C68%0% (0 mm)68%757 mmHgSSE SSE(166°) 3 m/s
23:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy15 °C15 °C10 °C55%0% (0 mm)72%757 mmHgSSE SSE(166°) 3 m/s
TemperatureFeels likeDewpointCloud coverChance of rainHumidityPressureWind
00:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy14 °C14 °C10 °C42%0% (0 mm)75%757 mmHgSSE SSE(166°) 3 m/s
01:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny13 °C13 °C9 °C30%0% (0 mm)79%757 mmHgSSE SSE(166°) 3 m/s
02:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny12 °C12 °C9 °C17%0% (0 mm)82%757 mmHgSSE SSE(166°) 3 m/s
03:00ClearClear11 °C11 °C8 °C4%0% (0 mm)86%757 mmHgS S(181°) 2 m/s
04:00ClearClear12 °C12 °C9 °C5%0% (0 mm)82%756 mmHgS S(181°) 3 m/s
05:00ClearClear12 °C12 °C9 °C6%0% (0 mm)79%756 mmHgS S(181°) 3 m/s
06:00ClearClear13 °C13 °C9 °C6%0% (0 mm)75%756 mmHgS S(181°) 3 m/s
07:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny14 °C14 °C9 °C7%0% (0 mm)72%755 mmHgS S(181°) 3 m/s
08:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny15 °C15 °C9 °C7%0% (0 mm)68%755 mmHgS S(181°) 3 m/s
09:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny16 °C16 °C9 °C8%0% (0 mm)64%755 mmHgSSW SSW(203°) 4 m/s
10:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny17 °C17 °C9 °C7%0% (0 mm)61%755 mmHgSSW SSW(203°) 4 m/s
11:00ClearClear18 °C18 °C9 °C5%0% (0 mm)58%755 mmHgSSW SSW(203°) 4 m/s
12:00ClearClear19 °C19 °C9 °C4%0% (0 mm)55%755 mmHgSSW SSW(203°) 4 m/s
13:00ClearClear20 °C20 °C9 °C3%0% (0 mm)52%754 mmHgSSW SSW(203°) 5 m/s
14:00ClearClear20 °C20 °C9 °C1%0% (0 mm)49%754 mmHgSSW SSW(203°) 5 m/s
15:00ClearClear21 °C21 °C9 °C0%0% (0 mm)46%754 mmHgSW SW(217°) 6 m/s
16:00ClearClear20 °C20 °C9 °C1%0% (0 mm)49%754 mmHgSW SW(217°) 5 m/s
17:00ClearClear19 °C19 °C9 °C1%0% (0 mm)52%754 mmHgSW SW(217°) 5 m/s
18:00ClearClear18 °C18 °C9 °C2%0% (0 mm)55%754 mmHgSW SW(217°) 5 m/s
19:00ClearClear17 °C17 °C9 °C3%0% (0 mm)58%754 mmHgSW SW(217°) 5 m/s
20:00ClearClear16 °C16 °C9 °C3%0% (0 mm)60%754 mmHgSW SW(217°) 5 m/s
21:00ClearClear15 °C15 °C8 °C4%0% (0 mm)63%754 mmHgSW SW(236°) 5 m/s
22:00ClearClear14 °C14 °C8 °C3%0% (0 mm)68%754 mmHgSW SW(236°) 4 m/s
23:00ClearClear13 °C13 °C8 °C3%0% (0 mm)72%754 mmHgSW SW(236°) 4 m/s
TemperatureFeels likeDewpointCloud coverChance of rainHumidityPressureWind
00:00ClearClear12 °C12 °C8 °C2%0% (0 mm)76%755 mmHgSW SW(236°) 4 m/s
01:00ClearClear10 °C10 °C7 °C1%0% (0 mm)81%755 mmHgSW SW(236°) 4 m/s
02:00ClearClear9 °C7 °C7 °C1%0% (0 mm)85%755 mmHgSW SW(236°) 3 m/s
03:00ClearClear8 °C6 °C6 °C0%0% (0 mm)89%755 mmHgSW SW(219°) 3 m/s
04:00ClearClear9 °C7 °C6 °C2%0% (0 mm)86%755 mmHgSW SW(219°) 3 m/s
05:00ClearClear9 °C8 °C7 °C4%0% (0 mm)84%755 mmHgSW SW(219°) 3 m/s
06:00ClearClear10 °C10 °C7 °C5%0% (0 mm)81%755 mmHgSW SW(219°) 3 m/s
07:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny11 °C11 °C7 °C7%0% (0 mm)78%755 mmHgSW SW(219°) 3 m/s
08:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny12 °C12 °C8 °C9%0% (0 mm)75%755 mmHgSW SW(219°) 3 m/s
09:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny13 °C13 °C8 °C11%0% (0 mm)72%755 mmHgS S(188°) 4 m/s
10:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny14 °C14 °C8 °C14%0% (0 mm)67%755 mmHgS S(188°) 4 m/s
11:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny15 °C15 °C8 °C16%0% (0 mm)63%755 mmHgS S(188°) 4 m/s
12:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny16 °C16 °C8 °C19%0% (0 mm)58%755 mmHgS S(188°) 4 m/s
13:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny17 °C17 °C8 °C22%0% (0 mm)54%755 mmHgS S(188°) 5 m/s
14:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny18 °C18 °C7 °C25%0% (0 mm)49%755 mmHgS S(188°) 5 m/s
15:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny19 °C19 °C7 °C28%0% (0 mm)45%755 mmHgSSW SSW(211°) 6 m/s
16:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy18 °C18 °C7 °C39%0% (0 mm)47%755 mmHgSSW SSW(211°) 5 m/s
17:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy18 °C18 °C7 °C50%0% (0 mm)49%755 mmHgSSW SSW(211°) 5 m/s
18:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy17 °C17 °C6 °C61%0% (0 mm)51%755 mmHgSSW SSW(211°) 5 m/s
19:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy16 °C16 °C6 °C73%0% (0 mm)53%755 mmHgSSW SSW(211°) 5 m/s
20:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy15 °C15 °C6 °C84%0% (0 mm)55%755 mmHgSSW SSW(211°) 5 m/s
21:00CloudyCloudy14 °C14 °C6 °C95%0% (0 mm)57%755 mmHgWSW WSW(248°) 5 m/s
22:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy13 °C13 °C5 °C87%0% (0 mm)60%755 mmHgWSW WSW(248°) 5 m/s
23:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy12 °C12 °C5 °C79%0% (0 mm)64%756 mmHgWSW WSW(248°) 5 m/s
TemperatureFeels likeDewpointCloud coverChance of rainHumidityPressureWind
00:00Mostly cloudyMostly cloudy10 °C10 °C4 °C71%0% (0 mm)67%756 mmHgWSW WSW(248°) 5 m/s
01:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy9 °C7 °C4 °C63%0% (0 mm)70%756 mmHgWSW WSW(248°) 4 m/s
02:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy8 °C5 °C3 °C55%0% (0 mm)74%757 mmHgWSW WSW(248°) 4 m/s
03:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy7 °C4 °C3 °C47%0% (0 mm)77%757 mmHgSSW SSW(208°) 4 m/s
04:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy8 °C5 °C3 °C39%0% (0 mm)74%757 mmHgSSW SSW(208°) 4 m/s
05:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny9 °C6 °C4 °C31%0% (0 mm)72%757 mmHgSSW SSW(208°) 4 m/s
06:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny10 °C7 °C4 °C23%0% (0 mm)69%758 mmHgSSW SSW(208°) 5 m/s
07:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny11 °C11 °C5 °C16%0% (0 mm)67%758 mmHgSSW SSW(208°) 5 m/s
08:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny12 °C12 °C5 °C8%0% (0 mm)65%758 mmHgSSW SSW(208°) 5 m/s
09:00ClearClear13 °C13 °C6 °C0%0% (0 mm)62%758 mmHgWSW WSW(251°) 5 m/s
10:00ClearClear13 °C13 °C5 °C6%0% (0 mm)60%758 mmHgWSW WSW(251°) 5 m/s
11:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny13 °C13 °C5 °C13%0% (0 mm)57%759 mmHgWSW WSW(251°) 5 m/s
12:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny14 °C14 °C5 °C19%0% (0 mm)55%759 mmHgWSW WSW(251°) 5 m/s
13:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny14 °C14 °C5 °C25%0% (0 mm)53%760 mmHgWSW WSW(251°) 5 m/s
14:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy14 °C14 °C4 °C32%0% (0 mm)50%760 mmHgWSW WSW(251°) 4 m/s
15:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy15 °C15 °C4 °C38%0% (0 mm)48%761 mmHgWSW WSW(257°) 4 m/s
16:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudy14 °C14 °C4 °C33%0% (0 mm)51%761 mmHgWSW WSW(257°) 4 m/s
17:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny14 °C14 °C5 °C28%0% (0 mm)53%761 mmHgWSW WSW(257°) 4 m/s
18:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny14 °C14 °C5 °C24%0% (0 mm)56%761 mmHgWSW WSW(257°) 3 m/s
19:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny13 °C13 °C5 °C19%0% (0 mm)58%762 mmHgWSW WSW(257°) 3 m/s
20:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny13 °C13 °C6 °C14%0% (0 mm)61%762 mmHgWSW WSW(257°) 3 m/s
21:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny12 °C12 °C6 °C9%0% (0 mm)64%763 mmHgW W(281°) 2 m/s
22:00Fair/mostly sunnyFair/mostly sunny12 °C12 °C6 °C8%0% (0 mm)67%763 mmHgW W(281°) 2 m/s
23:00ClearClear11 °C11 °C5 °C6%0% (0 mm)70%764 mmHgW W(281°) 2 m/s
TemperatureFeels likeDewpointCloud coverChance of rainHumidityPressureWind
00:00ClearClear10 °C9 °C5 °C5%0% (0 mm)73%764 mmHgW W(281°) 2 m/s
Weather forecasts Salaspils municipality
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